Permanent Makeup, Summer Season Makeup, Get Rid of The Trouble!

Make a permanent makeup, get rid of the hassle of makeup in summer! Permanent make-up is now one of the most preferred make-up applications by women in summer-winter or spring. When the summer comes and the weather gets warmer, our skin remains in the blood, and therefore our face is experiencing great problems in keeping the make-up. It is almost impossible to use foundation or powder. But eye makeup and lip makeup are always a must for every woman.

In this sense, although you get waterproof style products in summer heat, pool and sea activities necessarily make up. In this case, it is impossible to keep the make-up continuously.

Well, when you’re on holiday in coastal towns, at the pool or on the beach, you can’t make up your face with a permanent make-up, and the best thing to do at this stage is permanent make-up.

So how is permanent makeup done? First of all you can think of permanent make-up as a tattoo application. Because permanent make-up is also made under a layer of skin using natural colors.

First of all, pigments are chosen in a color tone suitable for your skin and these colors are fixed under the skin with a special device that is loaded with paint. Even if you sweat, whether you enter the pool or the water, you can wash your face and your permanent make-up can remain on your face for months.

With permanent make-up, you look make-up even if you don’t do any make-up at night. Besides, you can apply any color to your face while making permanent make-up. In this sense, if the peach tones of the peach colors, red, lilac and purple or coffee tones, befitting them can be applied.

The eyebrows are always well-groomed, voluminous and prominent thanks to this ideal method for eyebrows that do not have a smooth and smooth contour.

In this application, if your eyebrows are in black – smoked or brown tones, appropriate color is selected and special pen device is applied to the eyebrow filling process and this process is repeated after 2 weeks. Depending on the case, eyebrow contour, which can last from 3 months to 9 months, can be supported by balm products and last longer.

You can also use the nude colors for permanent make-up on your lips and do the same, and you can use natural nud lipstick shades that are very tender lately. If you want something more specific, you can apply red or pink tones.

Again, if you wish, you can make a clear and permanent eyeliner contour to your eyes. In this way, every day you get rid of a trapezoid-colored and asymmetrical scratched eyeliner nightmare.


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