How to Make a Non-Flowing Pool Makeup?

How to make a non-flowing pool makeup? This is also one of the key questions for women when summer comes en No power can prevent us from making and decorating. Neither storms, nor scorching heat, nor enter the pool ak ım Year 2019 If you still aren’t having a make-up with your make-up worry when you enter the pool, you might be missing a lot.

Because now there are great makeup techniques that you can apply to the sea or even to the pool. In addition, water proof make-up products with high moisturizing make it possible to make up in the pool or sea.

What is important here is not to exaggerate the work and use water resistant products when applying natural makeup techniques.

When you enter the pool or the sea, the sun will be on your neck and scorching UV rays. But fortunately there are great BB creams. BB creams will protect your skin from harmful UV rays while maintaining color balance on your skin.

Maybe you are one of those who can’t do without foundation, so you can also use the thin and water based wet foundation when you go to the pool.

Make Waterproof Eye Makeup for Non-flowing Pool Makeup

Waterproof makeup products are excellent products for pool and sea. This water-resistant products before leaving our head in the water before trying to swim over the days did not pass. Now we have no problem. We can dive into the water and even jump on the water with the make-up on our face.

You can make gorgeous eyes with water proof eyeliner products by applying cream eyeshadow while you make pool makeup . There are even sparkling eye pencils that are effective 24/7, and in every color hem On the other hand, you should definitely rub your lips from moisturizing lipsticks or polishers, look good in the pool and protect your lips from cracking in scorching heat.


In the meantime, when you get out of the pool, don’t forget to bury your face in your towel to dry, because the makeup on your face is not only durable so eternal. One more suggestion. Do not forget to tighten the makeup fixture on your face at the end of your pool makeup because you will enter the water.


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