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Bohemian Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself

This summer a full bohemian wind will blow. Whether it’s fashion, hairstyles or make-up. Today, I decided to write a useful article for those who want to prepare themselves for the summer and catch the bohemian trend; bohemian hairstyles that you can do yourself at home!

Let’s start;

The owner of her beloved Song of Style blog explains how to make natural looking waves without using a hair styling tool for the summer.

How about a braid ? If your hair is naturally fluctuating already, all you have to do is weave your hair like in the photo. If your hair is not wavy then you should start by making waves that appear natural to work first.

Is your hair short? It doesn’t matter. You can also make a bohemian hairstyle with short hair .

Another example of a bohemian hairstyle you can do by knitting your hair. Making is very very simple!

You can create two different hairstyles using the hair band . Whether you wear the hair band or hide your hair in the hair band. The choice is yours.

And lastly, unlike others, it is a little a bit distracting but the view is absolutely gorgeous. If you think you can’t do this hairstyle alone, you can get help.


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