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2019 Spring Summer Hairstyle Trends

Hello there,

With the new season, we are beginning to renew our hair, cut or try new hairstyles. I finally got my hair cut yesterday, I’ve been rid of my hair worn out because of the seasonal transition, and I started the new season with a new hairstyle.

Today we would like to talk with you about 2019 spring summer hairstyle trends. Let’s take a look at the trends of this season together;

This season, there are two tail models that will remind you of your childhood among the prominent hairstyles . Miu Miu showed up in a more modernized way in the spring summer fashion show. From the back of the ear, at the nape of the neck was collected low and completed with hair accessories.

I think one of the models that you can make the most effortless way between 2019 spring and summer hairstyles is the ”unfinished ponytail eller model.

Romantic, messy, wavy hairstyles are also among the trends you can take this season. Especially in the fashion show of Alexander McQueen. If you have a long hair, you can try on slightly wavy and loosely gathered hairstyles, which look like they’re not overworked.

Finally, let me talk about a trend for bun lovers. This season, the knobs are not gathered from the hill, but at the neck.


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